UK Central Government requires all Parish Councils to make a commitment to provide certain information to the public as part of normal business activities.

From the menu at the top of this page you will be able to find all documents published by us to comply with the UK Government Code.

You can see the code by clicking and downloading here


Residents wishing to understand how The Parish Council is audited and is required to comply with Government Legislation in managing money may wish to study further by reading this overview

Guide to Local Authority Accounts

and for those interested in the currently changing audit requirements this slideshow is very detailed






Before Hartington Upper Quarter Parish Council make any files available for public download we make sure they are safe, secure and free from virus, malware and other data security problems. We take each file and subject it to test scans from a large number of specialist data security organisations as follows;
Security Scanners Used By This Website

Security Scanners Used By This Website

We then feel confident that the data downloaded from our website is of the highest integrity.

However, if you suspect that any of our files have been compromised in anyway at all, please let us know by email or using the contact form page. Thank you in advance for your assistance.