Sterndale Moor Village Green

Sterndale Moor Village Green


Sterndale Moor Village Green

Parish Councillor Tracey Stafford has made an application, supported by Hartington Upper Quarter Parish Council, for the field on Sterndale Moor to be properly designated as The Sterndale Moor Village Green.


Many residents have supported Tracey Stafford in this application and have signed the necessary documents to accompany the application. The first stages of the application have been successful and the legal formalities are ongoing.





Hartington Upper Quarter Parish Council

The Parish Hall


SK17 0SG

31st March 2016

Re: Village Green Application.

Dear Resident,

HUQPC have fabulous news to share with the residents of Sterndale Moor. As you may or may not be aware, Hartington Upper Quarter Parish Council have applied for Village Green Status on the club field.

HUQPC want to protect the land, and secure it forever, for the club, its members and the wider community. I think we can agree that every resident in the village wants to see the club field remain as it is, owned, managed and maintained by the club and enjoyed by club members and the residents of the village. We do not want to see it destroyed and built upon.

In a letter to HUQPC dated 26.3.16 (which is displayed in the HUQPC notice box in the village), Sterndale Moor Social Club Committee stated “If the club fails the title deeds (not us) state that the land will go back to what is now Tarmac where there is no guarantee that the land will would not be built upon thus increasing residential property and subsequent noise and traffic to the whole village” If this does happen this would be devastating to the whole village. In the same letter Sterndale Moor Social Club Committee also stated “The land belongs to the members (and not as some believe the residents). This is true, however the value, importance and love for the club field to all the residents of the village should never be underestimated or dismissed.

HUQPC have applied for Village Green Status on the club field (please refer to the map). This is a valid application and notification will be posted by DCC in writing around the field in due course.

The Planning Inspectorate states “Town and village greens are protected by section 12 of the Inclosure Act 1857 and section 29 of the Commons Act 1876. Section 12 makes it an offence to do any act which injures a green or interrupts its use as a place of exercise and recreation. Section 29 makes it an offence to permanently encroach upon or enclose a green, or to build upon or disrupt the soil of the green otherwise than with a view to its better enjoyment” Maintenance can, of course, be carried out on the Village Green when required.

For over 35 years the club field has been enjoyed by the village (members and non-members of the club). There have been fetes, fun days, car boot sales, sports days, villagers have waked their dogs on the field daily, generations of children in the village have played on there. Some residents played on there when they were younger and are now watching their children and grandchildren play on there. The club field is precious to the whole village. Village green status will ensure this continues. The land will be left as it is, untouched, with NO RISK OF IT BEING BUILT ON, for future generations to enjoy, without the fear we have at the moment that we may lose it. It would give a churchless hamlet a focal point. The club field is a place the whole village loves, to call it Sterndale Moor Village Green would give it even more significance. We could erect memorials to our lost loved ones safe in the knowledge that it would be there forever. We would also have a club with a unique selling point, it would be The Club on the Green.

THE VILLAGE GREEN APPLICATION IS NOT AN ATTEMPT TO TAKE CLUB LAND. HUQPC WOULD NOT EVER, AND CANNOT, ATTEMPT TO TAKE THE LAND. It has taken steps to PRESERVE the land for the club, and the residents for this, and future generations. In the letter dated 26.3.16 Sterndale Moor Committee stated that if the land does go back to Tarmac it could be built upon. If the land has Village Green Status neither Tarmac or anyone else can build on the land. Ever.

HUQPC believe Village Green Status can only be positive for Sterndale Moor. If Status is achieved this means that Sterndale Moor can carry on as it has been for the past 35 years, using the field as it always has, but without the fear of the land ever being built upon. If you would like to discuss this matter with HUQPC please contact us via our website using the web address at the beginning of this letter, or please come along to a meeting. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month, at Brandside Parish Hall. Details can also be found on our website.

Kind Regards,


Hartington Upper Quarter Parish Council.


CORRESPONDENCE FROM DCC – May be seen here. Councillor Caitlin Bisknell has been particularly helpful and has identified the steps required to carry through this process. The information Cllr. Bisknell has kindly provided to HUQPC is reproduced here so that all residents and concerned persons may have a better understanding of the procedures.


Sterndale Moor Village Green

I can confirm that DCC was already aware that the site is currently registered to Sterndale Moor Club and that this information was provided in the Application.

DCC has done all it can to ensure that HPBC is aware of what information is required. The letter sent to HPBC was in the format prescribed by DEFRA, which clearly sets out what information is required, refers to the relevant statutory provision, provides a plan of the area of land affected by the application, and a form on which the response should be provided. |

The same letter was sent to the Planning Inspectorate and Derbyshire County Council Planning Officers, both of whom have responded. No communication has been received from HPBC requesting additional information as to what is required from them.

The application may only be processed to determination if it is established that the legal right to apply for registration has not been excluded. The identification of a ‘trigger’ event excluding the right to apply is dependent upon the receipt of information from the local planning authorities and national Planning Inspectorate.

If the application can be accepted then it will be placed on the list of applications awaiting determination (there are 25 such applications at present).

Applications are prioritised as follows:

Priority 1 – where the Application Land becomes subject to planning permission, a development plan or neighbourhood development plan and it is known that the developer would be proceeding to undertake the development but for the Application;

Priority 2 – where the Application Land becomes subject to an application for planning permission or becomes subject to planning permission, a development plan or neighbourhood development plan, but the start of works is not imminent;

Priority 3 – where the status of the land needs to be determined to enable the provisions of a Local Plan to be finalised or the Application Land becomes subject to consultation on a development plan or neighbourhood development plan;

Priority 4 – where the land is akin to a traditional village green; and there is unlikely to be any objection to the Application;

Priority 5 – other applications, for example to protect land from future development.